Central and western NH's secular, inclusive, and fun homeschool co-op

About Membership

Gear Up is a co-op supported by its members and a few small fundraising events. We work hard to keep our dues as low as possible, and the one-time fee covers you for an entire year of classes. You never have to pay anything additional unless you choose to sign up for a class that has a cost (which is rare).


Be our guest

If you’re interested in joining us, we welcome you to come try us out first to see if we’re a good fit. Click on the button below for a free guest membership so you can RSVP for classes and activities.

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Become a member

But if you’re ready to join us, you can click the button below to pay your dues through Paypal. Once the transaction is complete you’ll be able to sign up for classes.

Remember the fee covers all classes for the entire family (excluding the rare optional class).

Annual Family Membership: $60