Central and western NH's secular, inclusive, and fun homeschool co-op

Looking for a secular, inclusive, friendly and fun co-op for your children?

We welcome all homeschoolers regardless of homeschool style (unschooling, eclectic, or curriculum based), beliefs or lifestyle. We simply ask that members be respectful, helpful and want to have fun.

Our program is driven by our member’s needs and the desire to give the students as many opportunities to learn and to teach as possible. This means we offer enrichment classes that many parents can’t or don’t want to offer at home – think messy painting, technical topics, and group experiences from organisations like LSPA and the Aviation Museum.

Students also have every opportunity to teach classes on topics that they are interested in and want to share. We’ve had classes on all sorts of things like puppet shows, making videos, trading card games, crayon art, drawing animals, and making pillows!

You can check out the classes we have scheduled by clicking on the Classes menu above. If it looks like there is something you want to try out, fill out the form below to create your guest account. You’ll have 4 weeks to RSVP to any of our Friday classes, Tuesday Game Nights, or other events (Wednesday classes are excluded).


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