Date(s) - 09/27/2019
1:15 pm - 2:00 pm

Gear Up

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Investigating Sound & Light – We will learn about sound waves & light waves, read “Who Was Alexander Graham Bell?” & learn how the telephone works, learn how the human ear works, read “Who Was Helen Keller?”, compare & contrast light waves and sound waves.  In addition to the content, students will also be exposed to the skills of using graphic organizers as a way to organize their thoughts and information.  Students will learn how to generate and test simple hypotheses.  Students will have the opportunity to create (and perform) a skit as either Bell or Keller or any other historical persons we happen to learn more about!  This unit will be presented at approximately a 3rd to 5th grade level.
Facilitated by Emily R
We will be discussing the book “Who Was Alexander Graham Bell?” on Sept 13th or 20th, and we will be discussing the book “Who was Helen Keller?” on Oct 11th.
While we will NOT be reading “Dear Dr. Bell . . . Your Friend, Helen Keller” by Judith St. George as part of this class, I wanted to share this title with parents, if they want an extension.  Helen Keller met Dr. Bell when she was 6 years old, and they maintained a life long relationship.  Many of their letters are actually held in the Smithsonian Collection.  This book is published by Scholastic, and it seems like a good introduction to non-fiction for a middle school student, including direct quotes & first person accounts.

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