Date(s) - 12/06/2019
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Gear Up

Age level

James & the Giant Peach – Deeper We Go – We will use Dahl’s James & the Giant Peach as a launchpad.
Classes in this session will include but are not limited to:
exploring science (forces),
math (relative scale, circumference)
geography (creating a map)
art (designing a poster or advertisement)
In addition to the interdisciplinary activities, students will also delve into the literature, grammar, plot, and vocabulary in the book.  We will use graphic organizers, the dictionary/thesaurus, and calculators.  Students will also be provided the opportunity to practice narrative writing (produce a book report), expository writing (formulate & support an opinion), and/or creative writing.  This unit will be presented at approximately a 3rd to 5th grade level.
Facilitated by Emily R
For the upcoming “James & the Giant Peach” class: 
1.  If you are interested in your child participating in the “James & the Giant Peach” class, please register online as soon as possible.  This way, I have a better idea of how many kids will be there & who . . . so I can begin planning activities & getting materials.
2.  The class is geared/advertised as appropriate for grades 3 to 5, mainly because my son is a 4th grader.  However, if our 1st session class (Sound & Light) can serve as a guide, I think anyone 3rd grade & up can enjoy it.  We all (parents included!) learned so much about Sound & Light energy, and I anticipate “James & the Giant Peach” to be similar.  So if your older child has not yet read “James & the Giant Peach” and would like to participate (realizing that some children are not yet fluent readers & writers), we would love to have them & can provide extension ideas.
3.  I’d love to have a parent helper or two – either let me know you are interested or just show up to class! No commitment.  Especially in a homeschooling coop, the kids are eager and at varying levels.  It would be nice to have some extra help, so that the kids can get as much out of the class, at their level.  Also, please know that parents are ALWAYS welcome & encouraged to learn & participate along with their children.
4. Feel free to listen to the audiobook or read any version you can get your hands on.  However, I will be using the Puffin Books/Penguin paperback, ISBN 978-0-14-241036-3.
For our discussions, I want to encourage students to find “evidence” and examples in their books.  We will also be referring to passages.  It is easier if we are using the same version when someone says, “On page 65 . . . “
To spot check your version with my version, Chapter 10 begins on p. 30, Chapter 25 begins on p. 89, & Chapter 38 on p. 140.
5.  For our 1st class (Nov 1), please read through Chapter 10.
6.  I will provide information pertaining to the class periodically in the weekly email (when I am that organized to have the information to the emailer by Sunday night!  Never!) and (more often & likely) on the Gear Up Members Facebook page.  Please check there.  I sometimes need help securing last minute supplies for an activity I’d like to do.
7.  In order to hold my son accountable & provide more rigorous/optional work, I am going to try to provide (optional) homework assignments to be done between the classes.  These are completely optional and will NOT affect your child’s ability to participate.  They are extra.  I am considering writing assignments or the opportunity to prepare & practice presenting to the class.
8.  I’ve attached two documents (one in manuscript & one in cursive).  This is the passage we will look at for grammar/punctuation/suspense on the 1st week.  These documents can be used for handwriting practice.

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