Current Classes

This year there is a general monthly guideline we will follow. Each Friday of the month will be consistent and offer flow for the year. Please arrive around 1pm, but we are flexible if you are running late. As the students collect and have mostly arrived, we will have a quick greeting before classes begin. Below is the general guideline. On the Calendar the weekly details will be added, there will also be a weekly e-mail listing describing what we are doing that week. The last Friday of the month there will be a Parent Meeting following the week’s activity. 

Please bear with us as we have had much change through Covid. As we add events, I will update the webpage to reflect changes. Amy will also e-mail any changes or updates we have on a weekly basis. 

**There will be no classes December 23.

***A Peer Instructed Program aka PIP, is a student lead presentation. If your child wants to lead a class this is the opportunity for them to do so! Please contact a board member so we can add them to the schedule.

First Friday

Instant Challenge

Second Friday

Show N Tell

Instant Challenge Team


Third Friday

State Study



Last Friday

Nature Observance and Activity



Parent Meeting