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Spring 2023

This year there is a general monthly guideline we will follow. Each Friday of the month will be consistent and offer flow for the year. Please arrive around 1pm; we are flexible if you are running late. As the students collect and have mostly arrived, we will have a quick greeting before classes begin. Below is the general guideline. On the Calendar the weekly details will be added, there will also be a weekly e-mail listing describing what we are doing that week. The last Friday of the month there will be a Parent Meeting following the week’s activity. 

Please bear with us as we have had much change through Covid. As we add events, I will update the webpage to reflect changes. Amy will also e-mail any changes or updates we have on a weekly basis. 

**Lego club has been officially added to our schedule. The club meets Thursday at 10:30, bring your own lunch follows at noon and there is freeplay indoor/outdoor weather permitting until 2:00pm.

***A Peer Instructed Program aka PIP, is a student lead presentation. If your child wants to lead a class this is the opportunity for them to do so! Please contact a board member so we can add them to the schedule.

General Monthly Guideline

First Friday

Instant Challenge

Second Friday:

Class 1: Show-N-Tell or Instant Challenge Brainstorming

Class 2: Art

Third Friday:

Class 1: Around the World

Class 2: PIP

Fourth Friday

Class 1: Nature Observance

Class 2: Activity

Parent Meeting

Lego Club: Meets Thursday at 10:30am. Bring your own lunch will follow at noon. There is freeplay until 2:00pm. Come build with us!

Weekly Teen Game night: Game night can vary due to scheduling of the students with outside commitments, please contact a board member if your teenager is interested to be informed of the night we will meet. It is typically Monday night at 6:30-8:30.