Central and western NH’s secular, inclusive, and fun homeschool co-op

Gear Up Homeschoolers is a secular group that provides a safe and inclusive environment for all homeschoolers. We use the Warner community building for classes, as well as the playground in the back. Every Friday, there are three sessions of classes for preschool through to high school. The children enjoy activities and social time in a wide variety of topics including:

  • science
  • art
  • music
  • crafts
  • entrepreneurship
  • and fun games!

Each session has multiple classes, loosely divided by age level. You can see some examples by checking out our classes.

The kids are also given the opportunity to teach classes in our Peer Instructed Program (PIP). Every child that wants to can teach a PIP class, and they are often our most enjoyed classes!


In 2013, a group of Kearsarge area homeschoolers decided to create an enrichment cooperative for local families and students. In order to keep things organized, we soon developed the Executive Committee that was tasked with taking care of Gear Up business. In 2015, we incorporated into a non-profit and our Executive Committee became the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors

Our current board of directors is listed below. Feel free to contact any one of them with questions about Gear Up, how to join, or to make a donation.

Elizabeth Labbe – President

Debbie Harne – Co-Scheduling Coordinator

Crystle Pishon – Treasurer and Web Director

Jessica Lomanno – Secretary

Heather Jacques – Co-Scheduling Coordinator

Melanie Stormm – Marketing Director