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How exciting was our last class? The students brainstormed and decided they wanted to make a film that:  
  • Is an epic/historical genre
  • Is set between 1900-1950
  • Will be entertaining for all age groups
They also decided they needed a director. That’s someone who is part of the whole filmmaking process and guides how the film is made to make sure it brings the script to life as envisioned. Since this is such an important role, the students decided to have two directors to make sure someone was always available to do that job. This way, if one isn’t available the other one can fill in. They voted and decided that Nate B. and Beatrice H. would be the codirectors.  They will need to work together to find a common vision. I’m excited to see how they work together and support the other team members.

The Teams

During the first meeting I asked everyone to pick one of the four major filmmaking stages they wanted to help with most. This mostly was so I could be sure we had interest in all aspects of filmmaking before we started. They are always welcome to help on any stage they would like, but they have committed to helping with the one they signed up for. Here’s the list from that first day. Forgive me if I misspelled anyone’s name. Some were written in pencil on dark construction paper and I couldn’t read them all. We’re flexible, so if anyone wants to change they just need to let me know. And I want to make sure everyone knows: You can help on any part of the film you want, not just what you signed up for. Just come to class. If you aren’t sure you want to help with something, come and find out. Everyone is welcome.

Friday 12/14

The next step is creating a script. So this Friday we will brainstorm ideas for stories, then choose the one we will use. Depending how many students come to class, we may break up into smaller groups. I’ll share a few brainstorming techniques before we start.

After the holidays

This is when we’ll be getting busy! I’ll share a schedule in January for all the steps that come next. But it will entail casting, costuming, choosing locations, making/finding props, filming, and editing. Our goal is to have a viewing of the final film at the town hall. More on that as we get closer. I can’t wait to see what they do! If you have any questions, just send me an email, post on the Gear Up Members Facebook group or ask me any Friday.