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The summer is almost over but there's no need to be sad. September marks the start of a new year at Gear Up Homeschoolers and it's going to be a great one. Here's a peek at what we've got planned:

Civics 603 -

A multi-session class  designed for middles and uppers provided by Dina Chaitowitz, facilitated by the NH Institute for Civics Education, and with the generous support of the NH Supreme Court in Concord. There'll be a field trip to visit the court and the final session is "debriefing" where the kids can get any remaining questions answered.

Poetry Out Loud -

Once again we are providing the only homeschool sponsored Poetry Out Loud program. In past years we've had members make it all the way to the state finals. While only 9th grade and up can compete, we also encourage younger students to participate in our local poetry readings. It's been fun and we look forward to another great year.


Last year we performed our first play and the kids can't wait to do it again. All ages are welcome so come to the planning classes to help us pick which one to do!

Ballet -

A local college student is returning to offer ballet for beginners for elementary and up. High school science - We've got a full year of science classes designed for older students. The focus will be on biology, but we might pursue other topics too.

More Peer Instructed Programs (PIP) -

So many of our members have passions and hobbies they love to share with the rest of Gear Up. Each week a student has the opportunity to teach to the other students in specially reserved "PIP" classes.  Is your child interested? Just ask a board member about getting on the schedule - don't wait as they fill up fast.

Film club -

New this year is our film club. We'll meet each month to learn about making movies and then create one of our own with a goal of submitting it to the student version of SNOB in Concord next fall (2019)!   Those are just a few of the awesome classes planned this year. Check out our full class list to see more about:
  • Book club
  • Nature Arts and Crafts
  • Wizard's club
  • Chorus
  • Writing
  • and more...
Excited? Existing members can renew their membership to register for classes. Non-members can sign up for guest membership and try us out for four weeks before membership dues are required.