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It's time for our biggest FUNdraiser of the year!

Last year our goal was $900 and we raised $970! So I've set the bar even higher to a crazy $1200. Can we do it? I bet we can!

Here’s what you need to do to get started:

  1. RSVP to the Bowl-a-Thon by April 11, 2018.  We need a headcount to give the bowling center, and to make sure we have enough to meet their attendance requirements. Even if you can’t attend, you can still help by raising money, so keep reading on to step 2.
  2. Start gathering donations from sponsors. You can ask family, friends, businesses - whoever you want. You can download a flyer to share with the people you ask that explains a little bit about Gear Up. Click to download our Bowl-a-Thon flyer.
    1. Sponsors can make a flat donation (like $25) or they can donate based on how many pins you knock down while playing (10 cents per pin for example). The maximum possible pins is 300 per game (that’s 12 strikes in a row!). We’ll be playing two games.
    2. Here is a donation sheet to help you keep track of your donor’s information.
    3. Donors can pay online or give you cash or checks (made out to Gear Up Homeschoolers).
    4. Make sure you tell everyone that their donations are tax deductible. Grownups love that! We’ll provide them with a receipt once their donation is received, so make sure you get a correct email or mailing address for every sponsor.
  3. After you’ve had a ton of fun bowling, go back to your per pin sponsors and collect the total money due. The deadline for handing in the money is April 20, 2018 (one week after the Bowl-a-Thon. This is SUPER important!).

Have questions? Here are some answers:

  1. Can I go to the Bowl-a-Thon if I don't fundraise? Yes, you can. However, each bowler will need to pay $12 to cover the cost of the two games and shoe rentals.
  2. Can I fundraise if I can't go to the Bowl-a-Thon? We'll miss you! But yes you can and we super appreciate your efforts.
  3. How much should I try to raise? The obvious answer is "As much as you can!" However, if every Gear Up family raised $60 we'd meet our goal. But we don't have any fixed number families need to raise, though we do need to cover our costs for the event so as much as is practical for your family. Get creative! Try asking if your donors have a matching policy where they work. Some businesses will match charitable distributions of their employees. If you need our non-profit info for that just let us know. We're happy to provide documentation to employers.
  4. Where and when is it? All the details are on the event page which you can find here: https://gearuphomeschoolers.org/events/3rd-annual-bowl-a-thon/
  5. What if I can't get all the donations in by the deadline? Things happen, we understand. We ask that you do your very best to make sure we have the money by the deadline because our fiscal year ends in April. If we receive funds late it makes our bookkeeping a little more difficult as this one event will span multiple years.
  6. Who do I contact if I have questions? For questions about the online donations or the event please contact Crystle (cbpishon@gmail.com or any Friday). If you have questions about the fundraiser in general and what the funds will be used for you can ask any board member.