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Are you looking for challenging, academic, but fun classes for your children? Gear Up is adding classes that just might be what you need.

We’re offering three 6-week sessions that will run from October 2017 through Spring 2018. The classes include Spanish and Physics. Here are brief descriptions of each:

Pura Vida Spanish! - The traditional way of teaching foreign language is not necessarily the most effective. See how gestures, action sequences, and skits accelerate the process! I would love to teach your children Spanish in ways that will build real fluency, engage, stimulate, and produce results. Discover the power of storytelling!

See the details here.

Understanding Physics through Experimentation - Ever wonder why the sky is blue? Or why a baseball travels farther than a wiffle ball when thrown? And do toilet bowls always flush counter-clockwise? These and other puzzling questions will be the subject of this fun, hands-on class.

See the details here.

The fee for the classes is $55 per student per 6-week session for Gear Up members. Non-members are welcome and encouraged to sign up, but will first need to join Gear Up (for insurance purposes). The annual fee for membership is $50 per family which also entitles you to come to any of our classes held on Friday, game nights on Tuesday, or any other event we sponsor (including our epic annual Bowl-a-thon!).

You can see more about our other class schedules here.